Ivetta Liskova

Ivetta Liskova


Ivetta showed her love for art in her early childhood when she attended ballet lessons in local artistry school. After a year she started visiting the guitar lessons at the very same artistry school. At elementary school she also played for a year in student theatre called ┼Żubrienka (tadpole) then she left to another elementary school.Although she never finished any of the art studies to the end, she has never stopped playing guitar neither dancing.

Ivetta studied guitar for 3 years when she had to leave to a smaller city in order to study at grammar school at the age of 14. There Ivetta attended a lot of competitions either as a competitor or as a preparation team member. The school offered great lessons of The Studies of Art and Culture where she learned about the history and styles of art.

At the age of 16, she became a member of festival organisation crew and in the second year she became a leader od volunteers, however, the festival was too much to handle for a such young girl and she left the team.

Curently, Ivetta studies philosophy and English literature at the university in Brno, Czech republic. For the situation with corona virus she cannot attend any artistic lectures. She is self-taught artist and tries to learn every kind of style.