Ivan Balyasnikov Gallery

Ivan Balyasnikov Gallery


Hello! My name is Ivan Balyasnikov. I'm russian painter. I work in a fields of expressionism, impressionism and modern painting. I try to combine all my favorite art flows in one solid unique style. That's what i working on every day, trying to solve the riddle of a nature. That is why i positioning every my painting as a piece of art, cause every artwork is really unique and interesting with it's own artistic soul. I draw a little scetches or studies almost for every painting, it means that i pass every model, object or nature's states through my heart while painting. I belive that art can make people better and painting is one of the most powerfull and enjoyable fields of art. Therefore my paintings are commonly colorful, such i want to bring my love, good and happines to viewer. My workflow consist of creating studies on plein air, drawing of different human models, portraits and painting in a studio. There i works on still-lifes, portraits and creative artworks. I'm happy cause i can be myself working in a field of painting, showing what i think, what i feel using colors, brushes and canvas. Painting it's my own beautiful and amazing world where i dont affraid to do anything. So my mission as an artist is to give love and happines through my paintings to the world and people and maybe such i can change the world to better. My favorite painters are Chaim Soutine, Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin and Gustav Klimt.

- Evpatoria Children's Art School
- Private lessons in Art Studio of evpatoria painter B.Zavalniuk
- Crimean Art College by N.Samokish
- Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts

- Exhibition of artists I. Balyasnikov and A. Selivanova in the library
Evpatoria Institute of Social Sciences, 2009, Evpatoria

- Spring Exhibition in Simferopol House
artist in 2010, Simferolol

- Exhibition "Self-portrait" in the Crimean Art College
im.N.S. Samokisha in 2010, Simferopol

- Exhibition of diploma works of the graduates of the Crimean art
School in the Simferopol House of Artists, 2013, Simferopol

- Exhibition "The Aftertaste of Summer" by Crimean artists I. Balyasnikov and
A. Suleymanova in the shopping center Tsentrum, 2017, Simferopol

- Personal exhibition of painting "Native motives" in Starokrymsky literary and art museum, 2018, Stary Crimea

- Exhibition in Crimea Art Museum dedicated to celebration of "Victory Day", april 2018, Simferopol

- Spring exhibition in Crimea Art House, may 2018, Simferopol

My works are in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Ireland and Germany.