The Essence of Expressions

The Essence of Expressions

Diane C. Dunn
Artist Biography

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I come from a family who are blessed in the area of the arts. I can remember as a young girl watching my mother, brother and sister draw, paint, and work with pottery.

During my years in school I yearned to take an art class. I had the desire but the opportunity didn't present itself. I finished school and joined the Army in 1981. I got out of the Army in 1988 and by that time, I was married with two boys. In 1990 I moved to North Carolina in search of my destiny. By 1991 I had another son and was employed full-time in a meat processing plant. 1993 marked a significant change in my life as an accident on the job, caused me to lose a total of a joint and a half of the fingers on my right hand. I used my left hand for a while and after about a year, I started to use my right hand again. It was during this time that I began to seriously evaluate my life and what I was called to do. I still had a strong desire to do something creative.

Finally, in 1995, I found a job in an Arts and Crafts store. This was the beginning of my artistic journey. I became the Department Head and began to come in contact with artists and vendors on a regular basis. God is good because one of the vendors’ wives was an artist in Texas and he would come in the store and give me mini lessons on the products. About 8 months later (1996), I decided to take the information the man gave me and paint a picture. At that time my marriage was ending and painting helped me to overcome the rough times and move forward.

My paintings in oil and acrylics have been exhibited at the Art Center in Hilton Head, SC, and on display at the Ly Bensons Gallery of Arts in Beaufort, SC, the Green Herring Gallery located also in Beaufort, SC, the Penn Center Museum in St. Helena, SC, and Eight Legg Gallery in Waxhaw, NC. I have displayed and sold my work at Concord Mills Mall located in Concord, NC.

My inspiration comes from the Holy Spirit, my friends and my surroundings. I chose the style of no faces because it allows the individual to get involved with the picture. I call it interactive painting. I use colors to minister. I found that color has a great effect on people. It can soften a hard heart, it can change a sour mood, and it can bring peace in a storm. My prayer has been "Lord let my pictures be simple yet powerful; may it minister to the depth of their spirit and may they see you in them."