Istvan P. Szabo

Istvan P. Szabo

I was born in 1972 in Szolnok, in Hungary. My life was not very exciting until I met with the art. I started as a break-dancer, quite late, at the age of 17, and while I trained myself until I went to the largest ballet groups. Dancer scholarship learned in Paris, but by the time I returned to Hungary, began to be a little not enough the ballet art. While working as a dancer and choreographer, began writing in parallel to deal with. Later my lyrics has appeared on albums at home, and in the year of 2000 they released my first novel - Over and over again - which I wrote Peet Goodman writing under a pseudonym. In 2007 came out the next one. Titled Faces of the dark 2010 has been a great film of mine in theaters by Death Waltz, which I wrote the screenplay of it. Then it began to be interested in the photos, the text too, when I started to get to know the photography. In 2011 was presented my first play called The afternoon, and this year I bought my first camera as well. Once again, it seems I'm late bloomer, but since I shoot regularly and diligently. My favorite subject is people, understandably, obviously, and more especially the artists. I am very pleased and especially knowledgeable professional eye such as taking pictures of dancers, actors and musicians. Review title in 2012 opened the first photo exhibition in a book store in Budapest. In the year of 2013 has been showed my the second play entitled: Panelninja, which has been a great success's on a number of Hungarian theaters, and i have made ​​this year in my lifes most important film titled Indian, which is no longer "just" writing, but I have been directed, and I was also the producer. The film was made ​​for me for myself for my 40th birthday, and actually to my age. Based on my viewers feedback, it seems that our work was not in vain. The film is presented out of Hungary in Bucharest and Los Angeles as well. …

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