Ishra Mohaymen

Ishra Mohaymen

Through art, my world has no end. Far from where I reside or around me, I encounter it everywhere. It is always within me, a part of me.
I am Ishra, an artist based in Dallas, Texas. I draw inspiration from the natural world and the colors that associates with it. To express the spirit of our environment into a form of artwork, is my natural calling. Rain or sunshine, every occurrence provides an infinite prism of colors. Translating these extraordinary episodes into paintings, presents me with immense gratification.

I portray the overall mood of my work in an eccentric and abstract style yet remaining true to the representational features of my main subject. Staying within a contemporary framework, I create layers with thin translucent glazes building thick texture amongst an array of colors which brings forth structure and dimension. This process is a conscious effort on my part to attain a level of originality and character.
In my portrait drawings, I convey stark contrasts of light and shadow using charcoals and colored pencils whilst attaining a level of photorealism.

Welcome to my world of color and delight! Thank you for taking your interest in my journey as I explore and unfold my creative destiny!