Isa Benn

Isa Benn

Becoming less and less interested in the daily happenings of North America, changed the artist and person currently known as Isa Benn. An innate recluse, not only did she shy away from social normalities at a shockingly young age but it grew worse with time, experience and the sweeping realization that imagination is interminable.

As she matured, more and more solitary activities were sought out; her art became a reflection of a deeply felt displacement. So much so, terminology that was previously used to describe the child such as “introverted”, “quiet”, “reserved”, “quirky” slowly became “eccentric”, “idiosyncratic” and most despised of all, “intense.”

Still abnormally respected and supported by family, friends, colleagues, peers (and even strangers), her drive to find a hiding place became an obsession that was finally found in persistent, if not compulsive, creation.

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