Isabel Robledo

Isabel Robledo

My name is Isabel, I was born in Santander, in the north of Spain, but I spent my childhood in Reinosa.
When I was at High School, my drawing teacher was Celestino Cuevas. I created with him my first abstract painting. He saw something special in my drawing that he didn’t see in my partners. He encouraged me to take a degree related to Art. I chose to study interior design. I looked for an Art School and I picked up The School of Art and Craft in Malaga.
During the first years at school, the subjects were the same in all the specialities, although then I studied delineation not interior design, I learned to use different materials and I discovered new works for me, like photography or clay. The classes were amazing, we made models, pottery and we used new technologies, and of course we learned History of Art. That time in Málaga was a big experience in my life, I grew as a person and I know people from different places, I remember fondly my flatmate Ángel Sanzo (a great piano player now), he was studying too, when we were at home together, he played the piano while I drew my plans for homework.
I finished my studies in Málaga but I decided to study another speciality. I moved to Oviedo near my family and I began to study Graphic Design, I used new technologies and computer programs, although I didn’t forget the photography or making things with my hands.
In that time I did different performances with one colleague, we experimented with video and photo, I had an old photography enlarger and we made ourselves photo development.
I think that these kind of schools are important, because the teachers and classmates extend your creativity and help you to express it. Discussing about art, going to see art galleries or museums is a good way to learn too.
In Oviedo I had good friends and I fell in love.
I found a job in Salamanca, where I am still living in. I work as a layout designer in a newspaper. In my free time I did a pottery course, I worked hard because it made me happy, but my teacher didn’t extent my knowledge, she didn’t know to see my potential. The clay will be more than a hobby in my life. I decided to take painting classes, I wanted to get in touch with people who had the same worries as me.
Then I worked as graphic designer for years I worked with design and colours in my computer in my job, and with canvas and oil paint at home. At the time I found another pottery workshop where, this time, my teacher helped me to love clay, I can make with my hands what my mind is thinking.
At this moment I’m working in a sewing workshop with Feli Campo a clothing designer. I’m working with cloth and fabrics materials absolutely unknown to me, but I think that it is a good experience, because I can learn a lot whit her.
I have a small collection of pottery in the same way: Flamenca, Torero, Menina and a Nativity Scene. I make others different sculptures too, and some paints about sea, flowers and landscape.
I want to speak a bit about my hobbies, I love traveling. I’m planning to go to Marrakech, I want see the African light. I love read novels and I like going to the cinema and theatre. I love walking near the sea with my camera and take photos and paint it later.