Art by Isabelle Hodge

Art by Isabelle Hodge

Hi, I'm Isabelle. I'm from a small island in the Caribbean called Saint-Martin. I picked up art from my father sharing his hobby with me while growing up. Later I got instruction from professional artists, as well as taking classes to improve myself. I love all kinds of music, tasty foods, travel, and discovering new things.

There are colors everywhere. Obviously most people see in color and it's a normal everyday thing. But sometimes isn't there something specific that makes pause and take a second look like a particular shade of red that attracts you for an unknown reason? Haven't you noticed how many shades of blue you marvel at in those island getaway videos? It could even be something as simple as a pattern in a random piece of wall that you find interesting. This is how I get inspired. I see something I really like and get that urge to recreate it with my own unique twist of course.

There's a simple joy in looking at art, a pleasurable feeling that quiets the mind and brings peace. Sharing that feeling with someone is even better.

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