Isabelle Brent

Isabelle Brent

Aged 4, I was given a colouring book. At 6, l knew I wanted to be an artist! A book on Flemmish miniatures inspired me further. The gold, the detail and the colours, so bright, so new, and yet so so old. The margins of my school exercise books were filled with pattern. My other great loves were the drawings of the great masters of the Renaissance. From them, I observed the attention to detail, the flow of line from the pencil and the addition of colour wash to add form. My aim as an artist is to carry on those traditions.

Following on from school I became a student of graphic dsign at Loughborough College of Art and Design in the UK. this was followed by a year in France and a further course in drawing at the Troyes College des Beaux Arts. On returning to England I worked for the Leicestershire Museums and Art Gallery in the Department of Dcorative Arts. In 1984 I submitted three paintings to the Royal Academy of Arts in London. All three were accepted, exhibited and sold.

in 1989 l illustrated my first (of 27 so far), children's books, 'The Christmas Story". Titles have included 'Just So Stories', 'Grimm's Fairy Tales', 'Oscar Wilde's Fairy Tales' and the 'Fairy Tales of Hans Andersen', (12 foreign language editions). A new book 'St. Anthony the Great' is to be published in December 2015 and I am currently working on my own written and illustrated childrens story to be published in 2016!

The works I present on this site are mainly studies of birds and animals, though I have pleasure in including some of my book illustrations. These are available as prints only.