Kitaieva Iryna Pavlovna
Since 2003, she began to learn painting at the Odessa Art School

Grekov, and since 2009 - the architecture of the Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

After graduation - active participation in the Ukrainian and

International Exhibitions (Odessa, Kiev, Berlin, St. Petersburg and others.)

Private collections( Greece,France,United Kingdom,USA,Russia,Germany,Moldova,Ukraine,Spain,)


2003-2008 - Odessa Art School Grekov

2009-Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture


2010 participation in the art festival "Green Island", Odessa

2010-part in "Young contemporary art", Museum of Contemporary Art, Kiev

2010-part of the Ukrainian Art Week Kiev

2010-part in the Berlin Art Week, Berlin

2011-part in St.Petersburgs Art Week, St. Petersburg Union of Artists, Moscow.

2011 - participated in the "Russian Art week", Moscow

2012- "Time"exibition in Moldova

2014- exibition in Beit-Grand cultural centre,Odessa

2014- exibition ,Office of the OSCE Mission, Moldova,Tiraspol

2015- exibition ,UKRSIBBANK Premium office,Kiev,Ukraine.

2015-exibition ,UKRSIBBANK Premium office,Odessa,Ukraine.

2015- participation in the exhibition "Abstract Painting of Ukraine"

Central House of Artists, National Union of Artists of Ukraine.Kiev.

2015-Exhibition, Art Center Jacova Gretera, Kiev, Ukraine.

2015-Exhibition, Art Center Manufactura, Kiev, Ukraine.