Iris Gray Gallery

Iris Gray Gallery

The Iris Gray Gallery features contemporary fine art photographs, prints and signed originals for sale.

In 2022, the Gallery will present Gordon Murray, the American writer/director and pilot. He has traveled to Antarctica and the Middle East, Africa, and Europe as a Fulbright scholar, and to make documentaries for PBS television.

His art and photographs reveal an unpretentious, childlike curiosity for all things. Visual puns, riddles, and delicately twisted allegories intertwine with his discoveries. His subjects are guided by his wildly divergent interests and adventures.

His work is often composed with hidden images and meanings that draw us into his imagination. People love the stories behind the photos as much as the images themselves. He signs work with a common name, and includes a note borrowed from a Renaissance painter. The Dutch phrase translates to, “Joe was here.”

New pieces are currently being added and curated. Please visit frequently to see the latest updates.

Gallery images are presented in reduced resolution in the online storefront. Tap an image to select, then tap, "Zoom" to view a watermarked, full-resolution print. The online frame shop makes it easy to preview custom frame, matte and size selections in a variety of virtual rooms prior to purchase.

Gordon Murray Fine Art Photography