Iris Fletcher is a self-taught abstract artist who was born and raised in New York City on September 23rd 1962. After high school Iris went on to study Liberal Arts at Interamerican University of Puerto Rico for a year before moving back to New York City and enrolling in Borough of Manhattan Community College. She then relocated to Wichita Kansas with her husband in 2010.Iris’s main medium is acrylics and the majority of her work is contemporary abstract non-representational, and expressionism .Iris is also known for her “Coffee Art” in which she uses espresso to express herself! She is very passionate about arts. All of her pieces reflect emotions and thoughts, fantasies and realies.
This is my Artist Statement.

I mostly work in acrylics on stretched canvas and flat
panels. My abstracts represent expressionism, contemporary and non representational art.
I start first with undercoloring and in most of my pieces I introduce shapes and lines
as they facinate me, and I let my
imagination take its course. I mostly favor palette knives, but I love my brushes. I have used whatever unconventional items I may find around the house
to use as part of my painting session.
Painting a piece is much like moving into a new place, you are not satisfied with the way things look at first so you move them around.
I rearrange my colors, my shapes , lines until I can call it "done". Every
new piece is my unsaid on canvas, and the colors are filled with my core, my fantasies, my realities waiting to be interpreted.
Iris Fletcher.
I can email my bio if interested.


Past Acrylic Pieces