Irina Collister Art

Irina Collister Art

I am a New Jersey based artist from Turkmenistan with Bachelor's degree in Architecture. Since I remember myself I was drawing and wanted to become a Fashion designer. But life offered me a lot of different ways to express my creativity. I am a long life learner, like to explore different types of arts and crafts, always craving try something new.
I am an Artist of many talents and love to express my creativity working with different mediums in arts and crafts.
I paint, make jewelry, weave, make greeting cards, knit and sew, and it’s not a full list!
Seams a lot maybe? But why not? We only live once! I don’t see a reason to stop exploring and creating different beautiful things if my soul thirsty for that!
I am happy to share all my beautiful creations with you!


Acrylic Abstracts.


Hand Woven Accessories.

Small paintings - big impression.

Charmante Ladies.

Red Barns.

Greeting Cards

Jeweled Art

Gallery of Watercolors

Watercolor Abstracts.

Spring Birds