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Irami Buli - BIOGRAPHY
Fiji’s most prominent artist mentored by an Academic Professor and a renown painter, poet, and writer of the first and second wave of talented artists known to be the REDWAVE collective. A Contemporary and a distinctive Painter by profession with decades of experience in the Arts locally and internationally and has become successfully celebrated for his wealth of achievements in Art Exhibitions in Fiji and the Pacific region.
Buli who has travelled and exhibited in many parts of the world and the first recipient from Fiji to exhibit at the 7th and 8th Beijing International Art Biennale at the National Art Museum in Beijing China representing Fiji at the Iconic International Art platform in 2017 and 2019. Buli also attain international recognition from NAMOC for his contribution to the National Art museumin Beijing and has been honoured for his achievements. In 2014 his trip including a tour to Sydney to exhibit at the National Maritime Museum of Australia taking on a voyage across the Pacific for the cause of Preservation and Conservation of our Ocean in the Pacific on the famous Uto Ni Yalo. The Artist current position reflexes his obsession on tradition and modern protocols of socio economical tense that gives him to express a powerful illustration subdued to his style and technique as a Post-Modernist Abstract Painter.
The Artist has expanded his experience through internal and external Dialogues in implementing policies on Developing the Cultural Industry of the Fiji Arts Sector in promoting the Creative components and expanding it to the Pacific Region.
He was one of the frontiers in establishing few art collectives like Waisiliva Arts Initiative (WAI) which is based out of the mainland to draw the attention of Urban Influences but to give a different feeling of what Art is all about in a free environment. Buli who is widely known for his characteristic illusion on portraying his way of story-telling to the people and constantly knocking on the realms of ideas to attain authentic illustration through Visual Interpretation in his Art. He has taught Art locally and internationally in the cause of assisting young artists in mentoring and nurturing emerging artist locally and the Pacific region.
With numerous awards to his name and is well recognized for his art he still believes he has still a long way to go and is constantly learning every step of the way. Buli who also has successfully launched eleven solo exhibitions in both locally and internationally regards this to be very honouring but yet still thirst for inspiration within him to carry his messages around the globe. This year marks the 12th successive Solo Art Exhibition.
Buli whom pioneered the establishment of the VAVA - Viti Association of Visual Artists and is the Director of the association. With his expertise on curating he has hold numerous curating including the National Fine Art Awards, Kula Art Awards, private exhibitions and has curated numerous international shows in India, Brisbane, and Bali to name a few. He also was the project curator - curatorial team in the establishment of the National Gallery of Contemporary Art which is currently in place for Fiji.
The artist has represented Fiji in many major international art meet and exhibitions, the biennial in Beijing, India, USA, Bali, Jakarta, Australia, Ukraine, New Zealand, French Polynesia, Noumea, Japan, St.Petersburg Russia, most of his works have travelled through to France and Europe and have collectors around the world.

“Art is not about how you can portray a perfect picture, for me it is more a self-portray of who you do not know. The more I dwell within me the more curious I became about the millions of things I do not know about thy self.”
Artist - Irami Buli.
Email. iramibuli@gmail.com

Sokota (The Journey)