Ioannis Tsaousidis paintings

Ioannis Tsaousidis paintings

Ioannis Tsaousidis
was born in North Greece, raised and studied in Germany.
His study fields were graphic designing, photography, and sound prossesing in Berlin Germany.
Ioannis worked in Greece and abroad as a graphic designer, photographer, web designer and creating music arrangements.

Painting is for Ioannis such as the need for oxygen......
About his art.
He don't want everything showing from the beginning.
He want the viewer to be able to decode the painting slowly and constantly discover something new.
Everything in his work is a surprise-even for himself- and an ongoing investigation, which at any moment revises the previous solution.
Something liquid that searches around nature, space, the world.
A continuous approach which in her turn becomes a simple excuse for Ioannis to paint.

Ioannis paintings are characterized by emotions, energy, movement, spontaneity, and colors.
In general, he don't hesitate to experiment until I discover something new.
He use different techniques and materials, the colors are usually acryllic, whilst it is observed that my paintings have a diversity of styles and themes (abstract, abstract expressionism, surrealism).
For Ioannis painting is a force that is being motivated by the love for the procedure and as a mean of expressing his emotions.
He paint freely, with no restrictions and having a deep trust in his intuition and instinct, and let his paintings come to life.
For the implementation of his projects, set aside the ultimate goal in order to open a world of endless possibilities.
One of the characteristics of Ioannis paintings is the expression of the movement in space which is a significant aesthetic element.
Ioannis have presented his projects in Germany where he resided, in Belgium and recently in Greece.
Works of Ioannis, are in private collections of art around the world.
Ioannis a self-taught artist.

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