Michael Timothy Bean is Philly born, Cape May raised and Berkeley baked. He is a photographer, artist, guitarist, and Energy Medicine practitioner.

“Intuography” (Intuitive Photography) is the art of capturing flashes of inspiration and intuitively transforming them, using a meditative spirit to spirit collaboration and no particular outcome in mind, into colorful and often surreal abstractions that represent the essential present-time energies of the “Soul Subjects.”

Michael’s art emerged during a journey to explore intuitive senses and symbolic sight. The result was an unlocking of new creativity and a desire to share with others in a way that serves and awakens.

When creating his art from a grounded and meditative space, Michael invites the spirit of the subject to participate and asks for information and guidance. The aspects mix, and the result is often a powerful and surprising gift of color and insight.

Michael seeks to inspire viewers to pay attention to their individual responses to and perceptions of the essential nature of the Soul Subject as portrayed in the finished “Intuograph” after being transformed from a source photo.

His work is surreal and abstract, evoking a sense of something familiar, or completely new out of something that is often very familiar and perhaps taken for granted. He finds that the images created pull out and reveal intuitive impressions, awareness, clarity, and understanding of the truth of the source.

When he transforms a photo into an abstract image, Michael attempts to show the essential nature of the subject by stripping it of physical form and showing the energy beneath. How we see and what we see is unique to each of our cumulative experiences, presence and personal wisdom. When engaging with his work, he asks you to turn off your desire to analyze and understand, and simply look at your reactions and responses. See what it is in you that inspires them, and then trust what comes up for YOU.

Michael’s intention for his art is to inspire you, the viewer, to come to know your own impressions. He invites you with his work to allow, see, and say what shows up, regardless of how you or others may judge it. The questions he pose are: "How in touch with your own intuitive awareness are you? What do you see-sense-feel-know when you explore an image? And what does what you see mean to you and your understanding of the energetic essence of yourself?”

What do you see-sense-feel-know about the essential nature of the images taken

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