David Bornancin IntenseDJB

David Bornancin IntenseDJB


Hello and Welcome to my Art Gallery and Online Store. I have been a caregiver for my wife roughly 12 years until she recently passed away. Late at night I would create design and paint Paintings and Art Work. It provided for piece, balance, stress relief and passion for Art. I like to create different pieces that incorporate styles of impressionist, expressionist, realist, abstract, Cubist, Surrealist and sure Fine Art, Modern Art and Personal.

My pieces are truly one of a kind and I never paint the same thing twice. I use canvas, walls and wood. My work is also commissioned and sitting in so many wonderful families and companies.

The most important thing to me is People from around the world and family. I hope you enjoy my Paintings and Art Work and find some joy and excitment alone the way.


Two Million Miles