Artwork by Ilene Listrom

Artwork by Ilene Listrom

A local Austin Artist from Texas, Ilene Listrom is a digital and contemporary abstract artist. Her practice is diverse in medium, exploring a variety of physical and digital techniques to create bold visionary landscapes and surreal resin pieces. Starting her practice with a focus on ceramics, Listrom originally began experimenting with combining digital art with ceramic pieces. Through this process, she enjoyed the creative and technical freedom of digital art and decided to make it her primary focus instead.

Applying a variety of layering, collaging, and brush techniques her digital artwork is visionary and architectural, creating unique compositions of skylines. She builds these city landscapes with stark lines, shapes, and colors that interweave the industrial with the horizon beyond representation.

Inspired by nature and its beauty, Ilene sometimes strays away from the digital. Experimenting with a physically spontaneous process, she creates powerful, colorful acrylic and resin compositions. Mixing brilliant colors woven in organic gradients and forms, she captures the visceral essence of natural phenomenon's.

Ilene’s overall practice is gathered from her belief that creativity holds immense powers in helping people transcend the boundaries of the written and spoken language to connect other’s unique perspectives. She believes that creativity helps her tap into a deeper wisdom. Since Ilene was a child, she loved the arts, following this journey for as long as she can remember. Her love for the arts is reflected in her educational journey, studying fine arts at the University of West Florida while majoring in studio arts. Since then, she continues to create artwork as a way to better understand herself and her purpose, experimenting and exploring the way she expresses herself along the way.

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