Victor Sheleg

Victor Sheleg

I am an artist Victor Sheleg living and working in Latvia. Participant of many solo and group exhibitions. I paint pictures (oil on canvas) I paint (paper, ink, acrylic) I create a sculpture (mixed technique)

More than 1,900 paintings were created over the period 1990 -2019. Almost all of them are in private collections.

In 1994, two paintings were exhibited and sold at the auction 'HOTEL DROUOT' Paris, France.

Personal exibitions:

1993 Gallery 'TEN', Liepaya, Latvia.
1994 Gallery 'Ars Moderna', Riga, Latvia.
1995 Gallery 'Ars Moderna', Riga, Latvia.
1996 Gallery 'Ars Moderna', Riga, Latvia.
1996 'Business Center' Moscow Chamber Of Commerce and Industry, Moscow, Russia.
1997 Russian Center of Science and Culture, Helsinki, Finland.
1997 Gallery 'Ars Moderna', Riga, Latvia.
1998 Gallery 'Mara', Daugavpils, Latvia.
1998 Gallery 'Centrs', Liepaya, Latvia.
1998 Gallery 'Ars Moderna', Riga, Latvia.
1999 Fashion House A.Pavlov, Riga, Latvia.
1999 Gallery 'Basteja pasaža', Riga, Latvia.
2000 Gallery 'Nellija', Riga, Latvia.
2000 Gallery 'Basteja pasaža', Riga, Latvia.
2000 Gallery 'Signature of Art', Chicago, USA.
2002 Gallery 'Howard Alberts', Chicago, USA.
2003 Gallery 'CDH', Moscow, Russia.
2004 Gallery 'Le Siants', Prague, Czech Republic.
2005 Gallery «Basteja Pasaža», Riga, Latvia.
2006 Gallery «Moscow House», Riga, Latvia.
2007 Gallery «Moscow House», Riga, Latvia.
2010 Gallery «Slavinsky art', Sankt-Peterburg, Russia.
2010 Gallery 'Arthaus Genzel', Vetcslar, Germany.
2011 Gallery «New Form', Geteborg, Sweden.
2011 Gallery «Tornby', Denmark.
2012 Gallery «New Form' Geteborg, Sweden.
2013 Gallery ' Timelles',Spain
2014 Gallery ' Timelles', Poland
2015 Gallery 'Gall'Art Roma', Italy
2016 Gallery 'Onessimo', USA
2017 Gallery '901' USA
2018 Gallery 'Tolstoy', Moscow
Participation in many group exhibitions and art fairs:

Art Ireland, Dublin (2004-2009)
Art Zurich International (2004)
Art Edinburgh (2005-2008)
The Affordable Art Fair, London (Spring Collections 2006-2009)
Art Melbourne (2006)
Affordable Art Fair, Paris (2008)
Chelsea Art Fair, London(2009)
Glasgow Art Fair (2009)
Edinburgh Art Fair( 2009)
Bergamo Arte Fiera (2010)
Affordable Art Fair Brussels (2010)
The Affordable Art Fair Spring Collection (2010)
Glasgow Art Fair (2010)
Chelsea Art Fair (2010)
AAF NYC Fall (2010)
AAF Amsterdam (2010)
Edinburgh Art Fair (2010)
Affordable Art Fair Milano, ( 2011)
Affordable Art Fair Brussels (2011)
AAF NYC Fall (2011)
Colectiva de Otoño (2011)
Edinburgh Art Fair (2011)
AAF MILAN (2012)

painting by Victor Sheleg

"Art for Design"

Graphics from Victor Sheleg