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Swifty Art


Swifty Art is the brain child of Artist Swifty or Tom Swift.
For 15 year ever since leaving school I have been producing art in various forms and now at 35 and after some pushing and support from my closest family and friends I've gone full time. It has its ups and downs but nothing quite beats the feeling you get from when you have put some of you into a painting and some one that can see that comes along and also falls in love with it.
I grew up in the UK but now live in Perth west Australia. All my life I have taken part in and followed free sports such as surfing, skating and wake-boarding etc. And these sports, plus travel and whatever i pull from my imagination go into my art.
Health has also forced me to slow down and to think about what I really want in life.

All the work you see in my gallery is original and can be shipped from WA to you so don't worry on that side my prices are excluding postage which is normally not more than $150 for say one of my painted boards. I keep my prices at about half what they are worth as I like to think they are not out of reach of most people as I want all to be able to enjoy my work.
I'm always open to questions about buying my work if your interested in something or if you have a question about ordering a custom job made to your theme please get in touch. Have a good one Swifty.


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