CliffD Artist

CliffD Artist

Clifford Doresca is an artist, husband & father in his somewhat mid-thirties. Born in Haiti and grew up in Toronto, he lived in Quebec City for 7 years and now resides in Nicolet.

Epicurean, he draws his vast energy from being with the people he loves and doing the activities that bring him joy. He picked up a brush and started to paint for the first time in December 2010 while participating in a family activity organized by his mother in law. This seemingly trivial activity would turn out to be a revelation for him as he realized that with every stroke, captivating images began to appear on the canvas before him.

His curious nature drew him to want to learn more about painting and abstract art in particular. He began to research new techniques and he started to experiment with different mediums which allowed him to put to canvas the different facets of his emotions. His main influences come from European artists such as Eelco Maan, Isabelle Zacher-Finet, John Beckley, Voka, Roche Alazet Elisabeth, as well as the French Canadians Martin Beaupré, Patricia Kramer, Sandy Cunningham, Marie-France Boisvert, Patricia Kramer, Karine Archambault, the Americans Michael Lang and Cody Hooper. Unable to settle on one particular style, he strives to learn as many as he can and try anything at least once.

By 2014, after his son's birth, he started to amass a significant number of pieces in his portfolio and art aficionados. They then were beginning to take notice. It is due to the growing interest and increasing demand for his work that he decided to share them with the public.

Currently, he continues to create and develop his art, and with each new painting, he offers a piece of himself to his art. To Clifford, painting is a passion but it’s also his therapy, a way of taking a time-out from the monotony and the challenges of everyday life.