Dolgor Art

Dolgor Art

My name is Dolgor Dugarova. I am from Siberia, Russia and I live now in the Netherlands. Several years ago I lost my dearest people: my son, my mother, father and my husband. During that time I felt me lonely and depressive. Until I have decided to take a new path. I was looking for effective ways to find strength and energy to release the pain, sorrow and mental exhaustion. It has developed to a huge creative urge. I began to paint. Through painting I discovered that I can do much more than I had dared to think. My paintings stand out. This gives my inspiration to keep going and to share. I start teaching other people to paint.
I have now a wonderful creative work and a wonderful creative path. Everything I do is very important and valuable for me. My work fills me with harmony and love.
I am an all round artist. I like to express myself freely using the brush. It is the most fascinating and exciting state. Endless search for new things and experiment with different techniques, materials and styles. The canvas is a place of relaxation and fascinating discoveries. I work with acrylics, oil, egg tempera, pencils, ink and airbrush. From 2016 and till now, I am developing myself in fotorealism/ hyperrealism at Foxy studio, by Marissa Oosterlee.

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