contemporary visual artist and experimental based between Florida and Czech republic, contemporary art with author’s technique, light painting, complex author’s visual art technique, which consists of four art principles, 1/ space principle – objects are formed of recyclable and impermanent or reusable materials, 2/ light principle – objects are illuminated by artificial light and daylight, 3/ record principle – objects are captured through digital photography, 4/ experiment principle – the author’s technique is constantly being developed and innovated, technology of final processing of artworks – acrylic glass printing, resin-embossed printing, videoinstallation.

nike lililei became an artist to admit she was everything, and her story ends with the first memory where the story of everyone begins, everything she thought of her childhood life had arisen in front of her eyes, life, a film that plays in the mind, in a loop, she edits, works with a timeline without being aware of the circle, plays, over and over to remember who she is, a gathering of memories, fantasies and visions, she pauses at sensitive places, returns back as far as possible to the beginning, accepts her thoughts from ancient situations as facts and the power of feelings, at the moment of the highest intensity, ceases, the story goes away and the story of everybody who touches art begins

2009 / 2011 – Tomas Bata University, Fine Arts, Graphic Design Studio
2009 / 2010 – Tomas Bata University, Fine Arts, Audiovision Studio
2005 / 2008 – Tomas Bata University, Fine Arts, Visual Communication Studio

2020 / Colaboration with Van Gogh Gallery, Madrid / upcoming Luxembourg Art Fair
2020 / Exhibition Butterfly Effect and Competition MUS?, an organization in the field of contemporary art for students, DOX Gallery of Contemporary Art, Prague
2020 / Organization of a lecture on contemporary art and the market, lecturer Karolína Juřicová, DSC gallery, Prague
2018 / Personal exhibition Sacred and a lecture on the Snoezelen method in cooperation with the doctor MUDr. Marcela Bartošíková and lecturer Snoezelen Bc. Zdenka Steinerová, Czech Brethren Evangelical Church, Uherské Hradiště
2018 / Exhibition Collecting, and Competition MUS?, organization in the field of contemporary art for students, DOX Gallery of Contemporary Art, Prague
2018 / Group exhibition Anniversary 80, Zlín
2013 / 2018 / Organization of student exhibitions, School of Applied Arts, Uherské Hradiště
2007 / Organization of exhibitions for the UH2 gallery, Uherské Hradiště
2006 / 2011 Exhibitions of final student works, Tomas Bata University, Zlín
2002 / Exhibition of paintings and multimedia works Internal Situation Party, Uherské Hradiště
2001 / Charity exhibition Emotions, Czech Diakonia, Uherské Hradiště
1995 / 1998 / Organization of exhibitions at the Summer Film School, Uh. Hradiště2

prints / limited edition

acrylic glass print

resin embossed print