The artist name is Harjit Singh . Thank you for visiting my portfolio. Harjit is born in 1977 in India , a country of color,life, art and cultural rich heritage. Since his child hold his love for art worn him lot of prizes and accolade at school level. Graduated from the Indian premier fashion institute NIFT , started his career as a fashion merchandiser for first 4 years. But the love for fine art and painting cannot keep him away from creating art on part time and hobby basis. After running fashion and leather garment business for 12 years and starting his own leather garment brand in new York, he took to painting as a professional painter in year 2018. he has been painting his art on his fashion apparel - leather jackets .He had a love for pencil sketch and slowly started to develop different skill and medium like acrylic on canvas, oil on canvas, sand, coffee, saw dust, paper texture, fluid art and many more. Born with a talent to paint, skill were enhanced at National Institute of fashion ( NIFT). After taking part in numerous group exhibitions , some galleries in NewYork, art lover encourage proposed to him to exhibit his works. Currently his art work are displaced at some of the art galleries in New York Like LEEZ Departmental store and art gallery, NY, Cubico NY. It just a beginning and many more to come as people across the world are eager to see more of his work .

The artist is exploring new technique , medium , type and blending all art form and his imagination to create new on every single art form is amazing.

Currently the artist is keep moving from new York and India and you can connect him at these to location for any project work.

In his painting the most love subject women art , figurative and abstract are his main subject. People can relate themselves to the art as they are so close to the heart. That’s what makes the painting so special as artist believe in selling emotion on canvas. For him art without emotion is just piece of paper with some colours.

His first collection was displayed in Leez art Galley and you can find some of his best collection there and find his complete collection at timesartgallery.com.

Come and be a part of the life called art – by Harjit Singh .