Infinite Spray Art

Infinite Spray Art

Original spray paint art by Trevor Coopersmith

Growing up in a family where my father is a professional artist, an interest in self-expression may appear prevalent; however, a strong interest in art remained dormant until a visit to tourist destination Ensenada Mexico altered personal perspectives. Subsequent to witnessing a local creating surrealistic outer space paintings using spray paint and regular household items, a spark of curiosity arose as I began to investigate “aerosol grafia” or deciphered into English as “spray paint art”. Hours of online tutorials and demonstrations were witnessed, as I initially attempted my first painting using spray paint and common household items. My first attempt was rather dreadful, however, after seven years of dedicated persistence, personal techniques and a keen sensation for aesthetically pleasing work arose.

Over a thousand original paintings have been produced personally over the years, ranging from all sources of media including spray paint, acrylic, oil, sharpie, graphic design, collage, pastels, paint pens and any relevant combination of multi media. The canvases these works are produced on differ dramatically as well, ranging from surfboards to skateboards, mailboxes, guitars, wakeboards, RC cars, along with the traditional range of canvases, wood and gloss poster paper being the most common in my work due to practicality of shifting the painting prior to the spray paint becoming dry.

Heavy textures and alterations are present in my work, along with vibrant colors and blended gradients. I tend to be inspired by my natural surroundings, especially post-travel. My whereabouts differ from world class travel destinations, as my explorations centralize around avoiding human contact and experiencing undeveloped territory. This personal drive for innate explorations derives from a passion for surfing, skateboarding, hiking and camping, where my destinations constantly provide a unique and adventure packed familiarity.

Sensations in hopefulness of viewer achieving subsequent to screening my work are awe, admiration and a phantasmal gaze of thought provoking imagery evoked in a common human contextual question of “Can this really happen?” or “Is this really out there?” My outer space paintings provide examples of our imaginative color spectrum for celestial photographs, as our color insertions are merely educated guesses, as no contemporary telescope can accurately portray these distant vibrant colors with such precision.

Personal interpretations of natural surroundings are influenced while backpacking, camping or surfing in a situation outside my comfort zone. Every single wave is distinctive, similar to my pieces, as I choose avoid reproductive prints and alike the numerous probable textures created with altering spray paint on a canvas. Techniques include sliding, carving, layering and splashing paint to create an infinite amount of textural possibilities, providing an illusion of traditional landscape painting media infused with the urban appearance of spray paint.

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