Industrial Evolution by Nikki Koren

Industrial Evolution by Nikki Koren

My handmade jewelry, mobiles, and decor reflect my love of all things Vintage, Victorian, Rusty and Unique in any way. My closet Steampunk, Xena Warrior Princess, Gypsy Tomboy Diva also rears her head in many of my pieces.

Express yourself by wearing pieces of art that tell the world how multifaceted you are and how feminine --- no matter what clothes you choose to wear today!

Inspired by a passion for Re-purposing, Reclaiming, & Recycling, all of the art I create includes some form of 'Upcycling'. Because of this, NO item is exactly the same as another. Each piece is unique and contains at least 50% Upcycled material. In addition to jewelry, my unique decor pieces blend industrial & architectural cast offs with contemporary findings.

The 'Industrial' in my business name refers to the re-purposed warehouse keys, washers, screws, nails, chain, etc., I use to complete the 'Evolution' of practical items into Art by joining them with charms, old fashioned pins, and other odds and ends.

We throw away so much, but there is beauty in everything around us!

Why not wear it? Or hang it in your home as a conversation piece?

If you have any questions or even suggestions for pieces, please e-mail me at

Thank you for shopping with me!
Nikki Koren

Mobiles & Whimsy