2ndsun Silk Artistry and Design

2ndsun Silk Artistry and Design


I have been in the art and Design world for close to 40 years, it all started when my Uncle Mike told my mom that I had the gift of art. Now 39 years later here I am. I started in traditional art forms and moved quickly threw them like a fire in the forest. I started in theater set design, costume designs, jewelry pieces to hand held products. But my original love has been in the arts from where I started from. I have a B.A. in Industrial Design Technology from the Colorado Institute of Art Denver. I was one of the first of five who got our degrees in the new B.A. program at the school. I was given an IDSA award for best in show. Product designing is really fun for creating the future or making the future better for people.

As much as I enjoy doing product design, I wanted to get back to my roots and started looking at everything that I could do. I wanted to see people smile again but hanging an art piece on the wall is one thing but creating some wonderful art that a child woman or man can wear is something more fun, especially when it is an original piece of art. This is something you can take and show because it seems everyone loves fashion design.

Free form art is fun to do but I like to tell a story in my work. I played with a couple of ideas of free form color on the scarves and Handkerchiefs but it just is not me. So I am looking at my hand painted scarves as a story. Each painted scarf piece will be different in color and most likely design as well. I do not like mass production of the same piece because it takes away from the originality of the work. I like that my work brings smiles and the wide open eyes of the people who see it....OMG did you make this!

Each scarf is priced on design alone not by what the size is. I have various sized scarfs the smallest is 8" wide by 52" long. Remember I wont create 2 to 25 or more pieces of the same thing, Originality and fashion goes along way with me.

The Handkerchiefs are just like the scarves except I'm asking $20.00 for each one. How much is a box of tissues vs a handkerchief that you can re-use forever made of a product that doesn't kill trees?

2ndsun Silk Artistry and Design

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