Indigo Wings Inc.

Indigo Wings Inc.

Indigo Wings, Inc. is a non-profit corporation providing education, training, mentoring, studio space, and Gallery space for the exhibition and sale of products. These services will be provided to people with disabilities in Wisconsin so that they may become more financially and vocationally independent through the expression of their creative abilities.

The goal of Indigo Wings, Inc. is to provide a creative outlet for people with disabilities who wish to explore or expand on a career in visual arts. As part of this mission the organization will communicate using a variety of methods including social media to identify individuals with disabilities who have a desire to expand their knowledge/skills in any area of visual arts.

A few examples of things available for sale:

- Paintings
-Greeting cards
- Metal Photo Prints

We are a nonprofit art collective that works with artists that have disabilities in Madison WI.


Twitter: @indigowingsinc if you would like to contact us via email.

Shipping is within the contiguous United States. Contact us at for more shipping information if you need it to be shipped somewhere else.