Indestructible Art

Indestructible Art

Born in Australia in 1979, I learned from an early age that I could leave behind the pains and sufferings of reality by entering into the world of my imagination. After many years of soul searching, I have taken it on myself to begin showcasing my artwork to the world. I am a digital artist, photographer, tattoo designer, writer, philosopher, and vocalist. My style of art has been received with both criticism and praise. Some have stated my artwork can be “confronting but exciting” at the same time. Most pieces are drawn from my own life experiences and each tells its own story of happiness, sadness and belief.

It’s never about what I can see when I create my art…what stirs inside my mind at the time of creation and what ends up lying on the canvas are small matters compared to what the viewer sees, and what stirs within them.

I believe every challenge faced in life is and always will be a chance to prove we are all extraordinary individuals. We can all blossom in the darkness and reach for the light, proving nothing is impossible. So allowing the world to break us only develops a great overwhelming sensation that we are not good enough. We all need to be ourselves and be proud when others misunderstand us. Here at Indestructible Art, I thrive on standing out in all my colours. The ones who don’t understand the craving seen in each piece of art and only live to bring creativity down are weak, they are afraid to be themselves; they are afraid live their own life; and they are afraid to let the colours flow. They are happy to simply blend in. As an "indestructible" personality, I have walked the hard road. An indestructible person is a creator, an artist, an inventor…they are thinkers. But it’s never easy…we take the risk only because we have seen that we are worth it. So we need to support each other, and together we can blaze our legacy into this earth. Today, all of us need to make a promise to never again let anyone or anything make us feel like we’re nothing because we are all indestructible in our own way; we are the heart to our souls. Be proud to be indestructible…Write your name in fuel, set that shit on fire, and become Indestructible.

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