Prints by Geoff Greene

Prints by Geoff Greene

THIS IS THE LARGEST COLLECTION OF GEOFF GREENE ART ON THE NET, with several hundred artworks dating from this morning to way back in the 1980s. Because I don't have to sell the actual items I'm able to post works which are sold and images from other sources (collage/photographic painting layouts/sketches, etc) I would not be able to offer otherwise. So whether you buy a print or just browse, please enjoy!

ARTIST STATEMENT: When I was a kid my best friend could draw a motorcycle w/just a few strokes. It always came out the same, always perfect. I tried to reproduce this perfection but my drawings would morph into horses or birds shooting flames or dancing girls - terrible! But one day, looking over my failures, an idea hit me: “Always the same, always perfect” might not be what art is. My friend’s bike was cool but it was closed off, hermetically sealed, always the same. It could never break free or sneak through the backdoor of your head, as I realized my "failures" had increasing power to do. That realization has stuck with me to this day.

Bounties of Nature

Painted Women

Faces Are Places

Abstract Nudes - Series from 2018

Slightly Surreal

The Flying Saucer Series


Ancient Roman Life Class (2012)