Impressions by ISY

Impressions by ISY

I create my impressions using acrylic paints (mainly), each and every one of them created by me and never repeated, although colors and technique may appear similar - it is always unique. I fell in love with creating them and would like to spread the love and share my passion for new art . My favorite method called Acrylic Pouring, or Fluid art, when you mix your paints and let them flow in the right direction . Whom am i kidding - there is no right or wrong, it is what your heart desires at that moment.
You can contact Irina Yavorskaya, creator and an artist, if you would like to order a piece with custom color palette or if you have any questions!
Instagram @impressionsbyisy

Snap Jewelry 12, 20 and 30mm

Jewelry and home decor

Small 8x10

20 in and larger

Medium over 11 in

Medium over 10 in