Paintings by Ignacio Mariño Larrique

Paintings by Ignacio Mariño Larrique

Date of birth: December 2nd , 1982 / Phones:(1)7863037667 / (1)7869161292

1997-1999: Sergio Curto. Techniques: charcoal, chalk pastel and pencil.
2000-2001: Dante Picarelli. Techniques: watercolor.
2002-2004: Clever Lara. Tecniches: oil.
2003: Joined the faculty of architecture at the University of the Republic of Uruguay Orielntal.
2005-2009: Norman Bottrill. Techniques: mixtures.
2010: Joined the Institute for Animation Campus Professional 3D animation career, now graduated.
2012: “INTENSA”, E.A.C. (contemporary art space), taught by Arch Daniel Fischer, P.I.P.A. (international program for artists)

Acknowledgments obtained:

2005: National Maritime Painting Contest. Maritime School Award- “homenaje” (“tribute”)
2007: Salón Leonístico del Uruguay. First Award - Painting- “esperando la comida” (“awaiting the food”)
2008: MIRADAS, Tercera Bienal Nacional de Pintura. Third Finalist - Qualified to participate at the International contest held in Alicante, Spain - “mirame” - (“look at me”)
2009: 2° Painting Contest ISUSA. Intendencia Municipal de Soriano Award -“la visita” (“the visit”)

Arquitecture: (group performance)
2006: National Housing University Competition (N.H.U.C.). Honorable mention - barcode house.
2007: N.H.U.C. Third prize - [extrude]
2012: Architectural National Competition for the realization of new building of the Andean Development Corporation (CAF) and its urban environment. Third prize.

Animation: (group performance)
2011: Audiovisual Marathon 6D - “MATINEE“ URL:

Selected among the ten best short films for national broadcast.


1997 and 1998: Group, under the aegis of Master Sergio Curto.
2007: Individual exhibition “realidades...” (“realities”) at cultural space Otros Años.
2008: Individual exhibition “TECNICAMENTE” (“Technically”) at Municipal Hospital Maciel.
2012: Exhibition, "Dallas Award" en SoDeVis (Society for the development of the visual arts Studio Gallery).
2012: Exhibition, "International Summer Arts Festival" in MOA (Museum of the Americas).
2012: Exhibition, "Tendencies" at Elite Fine Art Galleries, Wynwood District.
2012: Individual exhibition, at Unilatina International College.
2012: Exhibition, "Hispanic Heritage" at Elite Fine Art Galleries.