The Imagination Lab

The Imagination Lab

At the imagination lab we like to think outside the box and provide artists with a network of other creative minds to grasp inspiration from. This project started as a fun art challenge being passed back and forth between Lost Causes and Cuda Jenkins (cousins from the Reid clan). Today the imagination lab is so much more than a few family emails, it's growing into an art community for people of any and all artistic disciplines. Take a look around, we are just starting to grow and expand and we look forward to hearing from fans and critics. For us it's all about pursuing creativity and using the imagination to develop our regardless of what form your ideas take... Our goal with this site, is to try and make original artwork both accessible and affordable for all walks of life... So, Enjoy!! And remember, Anyone can buy a poster and throw a frame on it... it's the fascinating few who are driven to possess a piece of artwork that is the only one of its kind. Cheers ;)

Artists interested in joining the Imagination Lab email me at

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(we are currently under-construction as we expand and start our non-profit paperwork, we apologize for any delays in response, but we will get back to you)

Patrons of art and small business owners looking to get paintings or murals commissioned please email

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