Irina Kaplun

Irina Kaplun

I work in several mediums. Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Pastel, ect..
Landscape, seascape, floral, animals, still life, and more.

Born in Kiev, Ukraine. I attended art school for a number of years and have taken 5 years of private lessons with a very talented artist Oleg Terentev.
My paintings have been shown in exhibitions and are in numerous private collections in Europe and the US.
In 2017 I held a Solo Exhibition of my work at Englewood Art Center Ringling College of Art + Design, Florida USA
I passionately create unusual and beautiful, original paintings.
I want my paintings to be enjoyed the moment they are taken out of the package.
People who own a my paintings sense it every day they sense a connection to my world, dreams and a connection to a superior universe.
All paintings completely ready for hanging.
Each artwork is paired with signed Certificate of Authenticity. The signature authenticates your purchase and is impossible to forge, allowing you to prove that you are the rightful owner of an original artwork.

Enjoy :]



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