Bandak Art Gallery

Bandak Art Gallery

BANDAK ART GALLERY is a private establishment founded in 2002 by a trained at the university of Illinois artist & designer IHSAN AL-BANDAK for promotion of Arab culture heritage, visual art and artists.

BANDAK, ART GALLERY conduit yearly exhibitions in several countries (Lebanon, Qatar, Dubai, and the USA to display and promote achievements of contemporary Arab artists and heritage for the collectors and researchers in addition it invites international artists to deliver lecture and consultancy service

BANDAK ART GALLEY poses an attractive and modern exhibiting hall in the most attractive part of Amman and workshop for framing art works.

BANDAK ART GALLERY is apart if an international gallery network and auction houses

BANDAK ART GALLERY is an ARAB establishment in fine art projects, consultancy and design art education

Original Acrylic Art

Orignal Watercolor

Old Photos for Palestine 1890 - 1930