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Igor Kotnik ArtGallery


About Igor KotnikPainting to me, means relaxation and escape from the everyday workly, to the world of dreaming and illusions. Drafts are occuring pretty quickly,after that I am supplementing the picture slowly spatially and lightly until it doesnt mature.
Motives on my pictures are primarily from nature, which fills me with energy and ideas, which I transmitting then via colour to paper.
I sketch in nature, or I help myself with photographs, which makes per me an immediate impression, and they are giving to me at creation, and as well the time and spatial limitlessness.
In 1979 I finished school for painting and design in Ljubljana . I m painting ,drawing and creating almost five decades - determined periods more intense, while other a little bit less.
I started with akvarels (water colours), oil paints on canvas and wood, synthetic colours, showers and combinations with differnet color techniques. At the end, I decided to put all my efforts into dry pastels on paper, which are giving me unbelieveable spectral possibilities.
Already as a child, I was attending various art workshops and courses, and when I was 9-year old, I already publicly presented myself and my early collection on the group exhibition of young artists in the modern gallery (pictures of cocks in the shower technique 1969). I had the first independent exhibition in 1984 in M-tourist gallery in Ljubljana.
My artwork is also found in private collections in Slovenia, Croatia, Italy,Germany,Sweden, and the Netherlands.

Acrylic on canvas

Oil on canvas

Dry pastel on paper