Igor Topolenko Photography

Igor Topolenko Photography


Igor Topolenko is a famous and sought-after Ukrainian photographer. Works preferably with art nude, portrait and wedding photography.
Igor was born in 1980 in the city of Zhytomyr, Ukraine, in a family of medical workers. In 1999 he graduated from the College of Medicine with a degree in dentistry. He did not work for a medical specialty for long. Photography from childhood was a hobby, and as a result became a profession and a way of self-realization. He began to engage in commercial photography in 2012.
Igor Topolenko sees aesthetics in a mixture of classical forms and colors, and impressionism, and he is inspired by them! He often provokes a slight provocation in his work, especially in the nude genre.According to Igor, Nude photography in the broadest sense is intended to demonstrate the aesthetics of nudity, but there are more complex tasks that photography can solve! Igor does not consider nudes to be any separate genre, but rather a type of image through which one can show not only beauty! In different genres (glamor, impressionism, fairy tale, realism, cinematic style and others) the presence of a naked person can carry a very different message to the audience! From simply stating beauty, to conveying the drama of the plot or heroine, from pictorial images, like from paintings, to hard trash. Depending on the psychotype, hobbies and wishes of the actor, you can show a person in very different ways! The main thing is to find out correctly and choose the current style for him, even before shooting! In this case, the photo shoot will be easy and with a charming result!
Igor’s art photographs reach the late stages of various international competitions every year! More than 15 photos were selected by VOGUE and presented on the main website of the Italian magazine! According to Igor’s experience, more than 500 shootings. He shares knowledge and is the author of various training programs, master classes in Ukraine and Europe, as well as individual courses in art photography. Photographers from different countries come to study with him. They invite you to be a speaker at various events dedicated to creativity and photography. Igor himself sometimes likes to interview interesting creative personalities and puts it on his pages.
The main creative partner and assistant is a beloved wife, beauty stylist (makeup and hairstylist) Anna Topolenko! Together, they created and implemented many excellent creative images.Igor Topolenko hopes to continue creating Art nude photo for years to come!

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