From now on, I want to create art to elevate your vibratory field.

Although traditional artists achieved this beautifully through the ages, what is new in this, is the use of colors, combined with glitters, crystals, and jewelry items attached onto my paintings.

My goal is to express, and anchor the 5D Love vibration into your surroundings, bringing you joy, health, peace and abundance.

I do this through the vibrancy, luminescence, and transparent qualities of the different colors, and forms which I arranged into divine compositions.

To keep things simple, I also exhibited some paintings here which ones will look great with your sofa:)


My name is Tunde Gamentzy. I came to Canada in 1987 from Hungary, Budapest. I graduated from the Ontario College of Art (Now is a University). I received a Drawing and Painting diploma in 1999.

Since 2001, I work as a decorative painter, and as a scenic painter for Film, TV, and Theater Productions. (Visit My site's URL: http:// ibrushnroll.com to learn more.)

Now, I am ready, to utilize my experiences I gained as a decorative and scenic painter. I do that by creating different techniques, and looks and the varieties can be endless.

MY MISSION: I intend to deliver the best in bringing unique & excellent artworks to your doorstep.

SHIPPING: Free standard shipping services I use. Either with Canada post, UPS, or Fedex.

REFUNDS: Let's work it out. If you do not like the painting you are receiving, please let me know, in the first seven days upon arrival of my painting. Just send me back the painting, in the same condition in order to send you a refund.

Leave a message 4 Tunde: 1(416 792-5453 (with standard greeting, only). Please, Leave Your Name & Call Back Number with area codes if, not from Canada.

My Email is: igallery@ibrushnroll.com

Thank You for visiting my site(s), and I am sure, you will find the artwork you are looking for.

Please keep tuning in as I update, this iGallery frequently.

Tunde Gamentzy from ArtPal.com/iGallery
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Last update: 8/09/2017

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