Hi, My name is Tunde. But you can just call me: Tu.
I graduated in 1999 from the Ontario College of Art and Design, (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) now being upscaled as a university.

My recent work is about creating mind-scapes. My recent paintings are inner-landscapes and places I wander into by using my imagination coupled with inspiration and visualization.

To express these mind-scapes I use prism-colours, universal images, motifs, and symbolism. I also use glitters, crystals, jewelry items, gemstones, and other crafty objects, I either glued or installed on to the paintings.

I use painting techniques I learned and combined with each other to achieve more depth and colours. I enjoy developing more, rarely seen painting techniques and imagery.

I also create digital imagery, using a variety of images I’ve produced

COLOUR & PRINTING: Please be aware, colours could differ from the original image, depending on the monitor's settings, the artwork is being viewed.

SHIPPING: Only standard shipping services are included in my prices. I use Canada Post, UPS, or FedEx. Let me know through email if you specifically have a preference for which carrier service you wish to use. Without your email notification, I will deal with Canada Post and UPS. Additional charges may apply if you will require express delivery, and or insurance.

Thank You for visiting my iGalery and come back soon to see my new updates!

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Last update: 2019-11-13

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