'The Best FESTival this Year is to maniFEST World Peace'.

Hi, My name is Tunde Gamentzy. I want to create art to elevate your vibratory field, and by this, the images exhibited here, may bring you health, joy, and peace.

Although traditional artists achieved this beautifully through the ages, what is new here, is the use of colors, and different materials like, glitters, crystals, and jewelry items which I attach onto my paintings.

I create and market original artworks here, made manually, or with the computer. Some of my creations here are available as the original, paintings, drawings. I also market prints, and photos that, I've been taking.

Moreover, I also showcase my older, detail-oriented works, and a photo of me for your viewing. ('See me' in the Photos-Nature Album.)

I intend to deliver the best in bringing unique & excellent artworks to your doorstep.

My new plan for this year also to create some 'truther' artworks, and I will use my talent(s) to shed light on the truth, that has been hidden from mankind.


I came to Canada in 1987 from Hungary, Budapest. I graduated from the Ontario College of Art and I received a Drawing and Painting diploma in 1999.

I begin my decorative painting experiences in 1998, and additionally, in 2001, I started to work as a decorative painter and I still do that, until today. During this time, I also begin to paint TV and movie sets.

Now, I am using the painting techniques I learned, and invented, to push my self in developing more, and rarely seen painting techniques. Therefore, the new works exhibited here are smaller, experimental pieces.

SHIPPING: I pay shipping and Free standard shipping services I use. Either with Canada post, UPS, or FedEx. Let me know through email, if you specifically prefer any of these carrier services, or if you will require express delivery. Additional charges may apply.

REFUND: Let's work it out! Let me know if you are not satisfied with my artwork, so we can create a solution which will serve all parties involved.


Unless noted otherwise, my paintings are signed at the back, as Tunde.

Thank You for visiting my site, and I am sure, you will find the ultimate image you are looking for.

Please keep tuning in as I update, this iGallery frequently.

Tunde Gamentzy from ArtPal.com/iGallery
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Last update: 2018-09-11

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