Iuliana Barbu


As an artist, I create paintings that speak about the beauty that exists everywhere and in everything.
Born in Romania and established in Canada, since 2000, having a BFA, I enjoy painting and telling everybody through my paintings how a wonderful day is today.
In my art work, I try to combine the atmosphere of the place, with my feelings at that moment.
I use acrylic or oil on canvas, cardboard or any other material that inspires me. The brush flies free on canvas using thick or fine brushstrokes, depending on feelings and the story that has to be told.
Landscape painting is one of my favorite, but I can do very well cityscape, abstract artwork or portrets.
I feel very attracted to impressionism but I try to define my personal style as a mix between impressionism and contemporary art. My paintings are found somehow and somewhere in the abstract-impressionism-realism art area.
I chose to do art because in this way I can express my feelings and can let my imagination fly free.

Acrylic paint