EcLectic Thunder of Catherine's Artistry

EcLectic Thunder of Catherine's Artistry

Years of seeking for a deeper meaning to life keeps my spiritual inspirations awakened to the faithful knowledge of how when creating from ones own inner Divine we can summon blossoming to activate our natural born sometimes hidden desires sharing love & light from mine toward your heart each day!
Where ever my life is and be or who ever Im with sharing this love based ideal can willing to allow this infectious energizing vibration creating paying forward such Happiness through transforming ourselves to the highest life forces!
Most recently a yearning revealing within my life through my love for the body in motion starting from a primordial vow for my love of the music, dance, vocals, culture, meditation, prayer and nature has helped my continual profoundly unique breakthroughs for overcoming a life experiences of bouts of fearful depression & Anxiety.
In the last 20 to more so within the last few or so years I've had a metaphysical spiritual desire to put pencil to paper as a form of therapy of creating to my surprise a form of art which only recently has proven to be a vital core to my survival & happiness today!
I'm hoping my EcLectic styles of my unique visions through my experiences to past , present and futures will touch others enough accomplishing everyday now too in my life; a capable income to provide for my own self the valuable beautiful life successes & Victories.
May I inspire others always through the beauty we all can share from this love giving Earth & manifesting peace that independently and collaboratedly contributing with the skills , talents and learning from all opportunities that from this Treasure Tower of visible & invisible mystic law with powerful gratitude to live whole & abundantly from which loving sources beginning to forever cosmic universally highest possible reaching life's truth.

Mystery Abstract

Treasure Tower

Mystery Abstract

A Day in a Precious Life

A precious Day in A Life

Movement Heals

Paradise Vacation Memory

The Great Gatspy Actress

Mountians Serenade

Shadow Memory

Spectacular Surprise