He was born in a country town in Miyagi, Japan, in1982. When he was a child, he used to collect crystals in mountains, and catch fishes, He spent his childhood in such a basin where has been rich in nature. He liked handcraft, science, and especially he loved drawing. Then also it affected him that he had been grown under the influence of animations, cartoons and video games as well as same age boys in Japan.
In 2000, He moved to Tokyo. He got a job as an animator after he studied 2 years.
However he quit in a little while because of low salary, unpaid wages and hard labor. He got into debt at that time, and be in a repayment period for a while. After he paid off all his debt, He got a desire to draw something different illustration drown by him ever. He started creation with unique materials like oil colors, acrylic colors, india ink, gold and silver and so on. On the other hand, he’s gotten a job in funerals services.

Therefore his drawing has silence and a viewpoint of onlooker. It dose not declare either “LOVE” or “LIFE”. Even though his works includes human lives, life cycles, time flowing, and also death. Then he just looks them on his canvases. Everything of objects (even time and space) are there. But, This is it. That is all. It is common to the attitude of Japanese animism. It is not Resignation. It is Understanding. We are born in this world, living in this world, and die in this world. We are just them. Such expressions based on loneliness and silence looks on the passage of time.

He works on Illustration, designing of signboard, visual arts, Japanese handcrafted envelopes. He has been drawing a illustration a day since 2007 as his own lifework. It amounted to 2300 pieces in 2015. He is planning 10,000 illustration exhibition in 2036.

He changed name in 2017.

Curriculum Vitae

Ichijo orochi period
Art Salon Painting Competition first prize
“Hunt for This Century’s Leonardo da Vinci.”Art Triennale
A first private exhibition
San Francisco memorial competition
Sekaido painting competition
A second private exhibition “兎描亀画”
Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition
Sekaido painting competition
A third private exhibition “千枚通し”
A fourth private exhibition “Alexander's dark band”
FACE Competition
A fifth private exhibition “NATURE ABHORS A VACUUM”
A sixth private exhibition “二闡提”
A seven private exhibition
“The reason I have the water on both hands because you're in the opposite shore of the fire”
A eight private exhibition
“I need you”
Fusion Art competition 2nd Annual Leaves & Petals 2nd place
"Skies" 2017 Show Honorable Mention

Ichijo Jyujy period
A first private exhibition
International Gallery Of The Arts (IGOA) SPOTLIGHT "SOLO" ART CONTEST RESULTS Honourable Mentions