ICER Fine Art ~ Ivy Caroline Ebersole-Raptor

ICER Fine Art ~ Ivy Caroline Ebersole-Raptor

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Ivy was born in Englewood, Colorado.  She has spent most of her life in Colorado and currently lives in the Denver area.  Ivy developed an interest in drawing and art from a very early age.  She received minimal instruction and is primarily self-taught.  

Ivy started out with mostly pencil drawing.  Even at a very young age, she had an exceptional eye for detail and perspective.  Around the age of 12, Ivy started drawing in a Photo Realistic style.  She also started experimenting with digital art and other mediums.  

Through her experimentation, Ivy has found a passion for acrylic paint on canvas.  She has developed her own techniques for acrylic paint from watching Bob Ross.  She has also learned a great deal from watching videos on YouTube produced by Lachri Fine Art.  Ivy has also started making handmade wood boxes, which she decorates with wood-burning and acrylic paint.  She adds accents of glass and stone work to her boxes as well.  Ivy's talent is only limited by her capacity to imagine and that truly seems limitless.

In her free time, Ivy enjoys spending time with her wife and playing the Legend of Zelda games, especially Breath of the Wild.