The answer might shock you, but believe it or not there's no mistakes in art. Now im not saying that whatever you do wont be a mistake, what im saying is whatever mistake you do can be fixed. The key is to work around it, this of course only applies if it's NOT erasibble. Let's use paint for example, if you're in the middle of painting and you accidentally dripped a color on a area of your art work. Face, background, hands, body, even if it covers something up, there's always a solution.

Color blending can be amazing, even if it's a dark color. If your paint is dark try adding white, white is a lifesaver, here's why. White lightens any color, it's perfect for starting with a light base if you only have dark colors AND fixing mistakes. Because white is so bright it cant help but brightened the dark colors when blended in. EVEN BLACK. But let's say you don't have white? And you are trying to cover a dark color. You can always try gray, pink, aqua, anything BRIGHT. Even with black. But for best results white is where you should invest, don't take that color too lightly, it's a miracle worker.
What if the color you are trying to erase/fix is light? This has TWO solutions. You can use white to lighten it up to the point it's clear enough to either erase or add a darker/original color back in. Or you can cover it up with a dark color.

You can work around any mistake. If it involved you changing up the theme, creating something different, changing the original goal, or even drawing over it. Working around the mistake is a challenge but it can be rewarding. Helps you improve your skills, helps you learn by trial and error, helps you understand your abilities, and most importantly it helps you practice new skills. Who knows you might like it. Now because working around the mistake you made really depends on what and where it is, the same rules of color blending could apply. Sometimes you might make it worse and redo it, sometimes you might make something better, it depends on you. This is something EVERYONE has to learn by themselves.

The mistakes you make might be a good thing. Your mistakes could lead to a better art work, or something different. You can amaze yourself, you can surprise yourself, you can basically discover something new that you can do, and all thanks to a mistake. Sometimes drawing or following the grove of what accident you made might end up inspiring you to make something more.

Mistakes come and go, what might shock you is that sometimes it's not about what you did wrong BUT about what you did right. The art should speak for itself. You put that effort, you put that time, you put that money, hell you even put that drip of blood. Well maybe not the blood. Point is you earn the right to be a perfectionist with your work. Mistakes are mistakes, enjoy your art, enjoy yourself, enjoy everything about your hard work. Because it's exactly that, HARD WORK. Yes you did earn the right to be a perfectionist with your work, but don't let that ruin the ENJOYMENT of your work. Have fun, don't let perfection and mistakes ruin you.
Embrace your flaws, make it into a positive message. Show yourself in your work. This is YOUR work no one else. Remember people come and go, but art is forever, why not make yourself known for YOU in your work not for its perfection but for its IMPERFECTIONS. That's what makes a artist a artist.

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