Figments of my Pigments, my Imagination

Figments of my Pigments, my Imagination

This is my Intersection of Art. where my gray matter meets blank canvas.
This is just a pigment of my Imagination. sum more of un-sane art works.

primarily using FotoChop for post-processing

if I could only capture my dreaming onto a screen or into print(s). Then I would
probably be Locked up some where. This is an attempt To do just That. To find
a place for what it is I day dream about all night. with a burning desire To do a
something completely different.

& so here we are. You are reading This. & I am dreading dreaming, falling asleep, again.

Take care my Friends.


"Day dreaming by Moon Light,
Moonlighting by Day dreaming"


so, here is my version or attempted definition of Art.

"Art is That, which is unnecessary, but necessary only To That Artist."


You have been warned.

p.s. since I am getting a fair # of views but 0 has bought any Thing
I remember That old adage, "sex sells", so I am going To start up a

NSFW area (newd To me) To see what happens

risky & Frisky. or rixky & Frixky, maybe even erotic, (or is it erratic?) artwork

I. erotic & exotic = risky & Frisky (nudes but artistic)
II. errotic & exxotic = rixxky & Frixxky (more Interactive)
III. errrotic & exxxotic = rixxxky & Frixxxky (even more Interactive)

This is an experiment, it is only an experiment, do NOT Try This at home.
meanwhile my computer is making me nucking futs.

You have been warned, Take II.o

not so sure 03

not sure 02

not sure 01

3 suns are risen 01

Play Time using a stylus - 01

soft-ish color(s) 1

wtf 24x18 (5)

wtf 24x18 (4)

wtf 24x18 (3)

WTF 24x18 (2)

18 x 24 (vertical style)

i ching(s) 01

brown-ish yellow-ish 01

old style 01

brown-ish 01

WTF 01

brown-ish sepia 01

from 5 years ago

blue-ish 01

redd-ish 01

collaged & massaged 01

yellow-ish 01