Ian Stevenson

Ian Stevenson


Ian strives to help others and wants his work to speak to his viewers, causing them to take a moment to stop in this busy world and think about each different meaning or story that he skillfully weaves within each piece. He has participated and donated multiple works to help a variety of fundraising organizations and events.

Ian earned an Associate’s degree in Computer Animation from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Ian has been working as a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer for the past 16 years. His work ranges in a variety of mediums from pencil, marker, and ink drawings, to oil and acrylic paintings.

Ian also has a unique art process which focuses on his hand drawn images that he then digitally paints. This is a process where he takes his hand sketched drawings, scans them into his computer, and then meticulously paints his Illustrations using Photoshop. Many are fooled by his almost photographic renderings that come to life with his unique color palette.