ian hargreaves

ian hargreaves



As a minimalist sculptur in wood I am inspired by the lines, intersecting angles and circles I see all around me to create my own moods. I'm also an environmentalist so it's important for me in some small way to not contribute to the continuing destruction of the worlds rain forests.

So used materials which I can re-claim are found from a variety of sources....skips, yards, re-cycling centres, or even the road side if I see something worth a second look!

I work with re-claimed hardwoods which are either damaged or have been thrown away so each piece will have the marks or slight imperfections of its previous life, which I leave for provenance. I am regularly amazed at the quality of these old materials once I have stripped away the over thick commercial finishes and cleaned and prepared them for my own thin finishes which are always either a hand rubbed oil finish or sometimes a semi-matt cellulose lacquer finish.

Iam currently using a mix of filler, acylic paint, emulsion finish which lends a beautiful patina to the work.

Abstract minimalist wood sculpture