Ian du Plessis

Ian du Plessis


I am an artist looking for those unique moments in life, those that tells a story by just looking at the image or painting, those that evoke different inner emotions, happiness and sadness or just places off the beaten track that makes you wander in the mind, a spiritual journey, asking questions.
A love for playing with colors, seeing something special in a place or situation where others don't.
Making the beholder aware of what the artist experienced when the work of art was being created, causing the viewer to contemplate the story told.
Reaching to my inner being when creating a work of art, capturing that moment on canvas, an alchemy of turning an image into gold...
I may fade away in time but, my creation will remain.

Thank you and enjoy!
June 2016

Gentle Giant

The Guardian At The Roadside

Oryx in Namibia

Which Road to Take?


The Donkey Cart

Abandoned gold Mine

Last Resting Place

Moment of Summer

Death of a nation