My name is Ian Reid Conley (aka Non The "Ninja" Panda). I'm 32 years old, a pessimistic optimist with the ability to dream. An independant mixed media artist based out of his hometown -Trenton, New Jersey. I'm of Filipino/Chinese & Irish heritage, and a loveable friend of Dorothy's (LGBTQ+) who's lighthearted and dreamlike work focuses on a more stylized, illustrative & abstracted approach to tackling some of the many social, gender/orientation, sociopolitical, and urban/inner city standpoint(s).

P.S. I encourage you and everyone to make something out of nothing and to try and view the world in a different light, questioning the definition on what the standards of beauty and acceptance are.

"Art doesn't have to be 'pretty' to be beautiful."

It is because of the filth, struggles and tears that I am where I am today artistically. My art and vision is what is keeping me sober and has quite literally saved my life numerous times over and over again. I wouldn't be here without my art...
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-Sincerely, Ian R. "Non The Ninja Panda" Conley โค




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